How Do Solar Panels Provide Renewable Energy for Cedar Rapids Homes and Businesses?

Solar Panels Cedar Rapids IASolar energy is a technology that has been on the rise for decades. More recently, advances have increased energy production while lowering prices, making solar a viable alternative to traditional energy sources. In fact, you’ve likely seen more and more solar panels installed on local homes and businesses in Cedar Rapids. If you’ve ever wondered how solar panels work and whether they’re worth investing in, read on for a brief primer.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

It’s been known for more than a century that, under that right conditions, energy from light sources can be converted into electricity. Known as the photovoltaic effect, this phenomenon occurs because the energy from light causes electrons to enter into a higher energy state, which, when contained within a material, results in an electrical current.

Modern solar panels leverage advanced technology to take full advantage of the photovoltaic effect. Solar modules, which are made from semiconductor materials such as silicon, capture natural light where it is efficiently converted. A typical solar panel system is made up of many modules in an electric circuit, enabling them to produce usable quantities of energy. This energy can either be used right away or stored for use later in a solar battery system.

Solar energy has come a long way and improvements will continue long into the future. However, it is clear that solar panels are a worthy investment for Cedar Rapids home and business owners, as they produce significant monthly energy savings and, of course, are far more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. If you’d like to learn more about how solar panels work, contact your local solar energy experts an Energy Consultants Group today.