Solar Loans Make Solar Panel Installation an Affordable Investment

Solar Loans Cedar Falls IAIs solar panel installation a good investment for your home or business in Cedar Falls, IA? It depends on a variety of factors. Determining if solar is right for you requires taking an inventory of your energy usage and costs each month, figuring out the savings solar panels will provide, and comparing them with the cost of having solar panels installed. You should also account for the fact that your solar panel system will continue to save you money long after it has been paid for.

Of course, many property owners take advantage of solar loans to significantly defray their upfront costs. At Energy Consultants Group, we’re proud to offer some of the best solar financing terms the industry has to offer, including a plan that requires no money down and no interest for 24 months. What’s more, we help homeowners take full advantage of solar by providing:

Certified Site Assessments

In addition to providing convenient solar loans, we begin each project by having a certified expert create the ideal solar panels system for the specific property, accounting for every detail, including the angle of the home, roof pitch, and any trees. This allows us to provide an energy output guarantee, so you can easily compare your expected monthly savings and costs.

Superior Solar Technology

As Iowa’s premier solar provider, Energy Consultants Group offers premium Tier-1 solar panels from premium brands, including LG and Panasonic. These solar modules provide better energy production, so they pay for themselves faster than competing models. Plus, they come with an all-inclusive, 25-year warranty, which assures you exceptional energy savings for decades.

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