Solar Financing Makes Renewable Energy Affordable in Cedar Falls, IA

Solar Financing Cedar Falls IAOnly recently has solar panel installation become a viable option for home and business owners in Cedar Falls, Iowa. In fact, with the advancement of solar technology and the precipitous decrease in prices, having solar panels installed is often a smart short- and long-term investment. However, even though solar technology can save home and business owners money over the long term, for many, the upfront costs remain problematic. Fortunately, you can turn to Iowa’s premier solar provider – Energy Consultants Group – for solar financing options, making the project as affordable as possible.

Solar Financing

When you partner with Energy Consultants Group, you’ll have a wide range of solar financing options to choose from to suit your specific budgetary requirements. However, our most popular solar loan program requires no money down and 0% interest for 24 months. For many property owners, monthly payments may be equal to or lower than their current average monthly energy costs.

Maximizing Value for Your Investment in Solar Energy

In addition to solar financing, Energy Consultants Group provides industry-leading service and solar technology. For example, our solar panels come from trusted manufacturers, such as LG and Panasonic. Not only are these solar modules more productive than competing models, but they are also fully integrated at the factory to make installation easier. Plus, they are backed by an incredible 25-year, all-inclusive warranty to protect your investment.

Furthermore, Energy Consultants Group provides certified property assessments. Our experts will determine factors such as the ideal position and quantity of solar panels to maximize energy production. We can even provide an energy output guarantee that will allow you to see how much money you can expect to save month after month.

Contact Energy Consultants Group today to learn more about our service as well as the solar financing options we offer to home and business owners in Cedar Falls, IA.