Low Cost Solar Thermal Energy

Effective Solutions

What is Solar Thermal?Energy Consultants Group offers cost-effective solutions in solar thermal applications. Solar thermal technology uses the sun’s energy, rather than fossil fuels, to generate low-cost, environmentally-friendly thermal energy. This energy is used to heat water, or other fluids, and can also power solar cooling systems. Thermal energy can be used to heat domestic hot water, hydronic space heating, and forced-air heating systems. Similar technology can also heat pools and hot tubs. Solar thermal systems differ from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which generate electricity rather than heat.

Reduced Utility Bills

Solar thermal can reduce utility bills up to 70% and reduce your carbon footprint. The systems offer flexibility in design and deployment in both new construction and retrofit applications. We offer large storage systems for customers seeking longer terms and a greater offset from fossil fuels. A typical small system for a home can range from $5k to $8k, with larger commercial systems ranging from $10k to 25k, not including incentives.

Several types of systems are offered:

Drain-Back System

drainback solar hot water system

Pressurized System

pressurized solar hot water system

We offer several types of systems, such as Drain-Back and Pressurized, and offer either Evacuated Tube collectors or Flat Plate collectors. Our certified site assessors can identify the most cost-effective and highest return on investment for your application. Contact us today for an estimate: support@ecgllp.com

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