Alternating Current Photovoltaic

So … what is ACPV? Simply defined, it is an integrated SolarBridge Micro-Inverter with a polycrystalline module that provides a powerful, reliable, and flexible solution for solar energy. It converts the DC energy from the module to AC energy at the module level, has simple and effective designs, and of course has a higher degree of safety. ACPV is superior to DC systems for a number of reasons.

So … why ACPV?


  • Roof-ready AC modules are up to twice as fast to install as DC modules.
  • System design becomes easier with no-string sizing or AC bus cables.
  • Additional AC modules are easy to add because each module operates independently.

Better Reliability

  • Only SolarBridge offers an integrated microinverter backed by the same 25-year guarantee as a solar module.
  • SolarBridge designs its microinverters for reliability, using film caps instead of e-caps or other failure-prone components.
  • Rigorous testing and qualification ensures performance and reliability well beyond regulatory standards.
  • Constant on-site monitoring identifies performance issues quickly, minimizing any system downtime.

Greater Energy Harvest

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at the module level means each AC module produces its maximum power.
  • AC module systems produce up to 25% more energy, even in shady conditions.
  • Sites previously disqualified, due to shade or roof orientation, are now good candidates for solar.

Increased Safety

  • No exposed DC wiring on the roof or in the building, decreasing the risk of shock hazard.
  • The microinverter automatically shuts off in the event of a fire or arc fault.
  • In the event of a fire, rescue workers can shut off all live electricity, not just the central inverter.

Alternating Current Photovoltaics

Simple, Clean, and Safe ACPV

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