NABCEP-PVTS-Seal.pngA site assessment is a critical part of the design phase. It directly affects cost and power output of your future PV System. Our contracts are also dependent on information gathered and extruded from the site assessment to provide you with the highest-performing and lowest-cost energy plant available. Some loan and grant programs may require data that is ascertained from such a report. Some cash rebates are also based off power output on an annual basis. The highest performing system is ideally decreasing your ROI, so as to ensure maximum cash rebates.


Our site assessments are extremely comprehensive in nature. The purpose of a site assessment is to determine and identify a number of factors: the site capacity of generating energy, shading issues, how much revenue will be generated from the power plant, return on investment (ROI), rebates and incentives, structural and electrical concerns, to name just a few. The site assessment can also discover ways to save money in basic energy efficiency improvements and more cost-effective ways to deploy a solar project on-site. After reviewing the report, you will be able to make informed decisions concerning your project.


To qualify serious customers, a financial commitment is required. This site assessment fee is a one-time charge and is refundable upon a purchase of a PV system from Energy Consultants Group. This fee includes one primary site location and one alternate location, if required. Before we perform a site assessment, we will pre-qualify your project before spending your time and money. If it passes, we can move forward with the on-site assessment. Additional sites shall be billed accordingly. We will require a minimum of twelve (12) months of electrical bills, but prefer twenty-four (24) months. Most utility companies have an online report-generating feature. We are looking for two things: billed rate and kWh billed.


We will make a visual inspection and take photographs and video. We will also bring our instrumentation to site to measure shading, solar irradiance, azimuth, and tilt angle to name a few things. We will inspect the structural integrity of the structure proposed for mounting the system, review and inspect the existing electrical system and load center, ct and meter socket. As indicated before, these factors all drive the performance and cost of the system. [All renewable energy systems are sold by the kW (kilowatt).] To ensure your system is going to perform at top level for 25+ years, it is crucial to perform a comprehensive site assessment.


You do not have to be present for the assessment, however, having complete access to the facility is required. The assessment takes about one hour to complete on-site and typically must occur during daylight hours. Once we gather the on-site information, we will return to our office, consolidate the data, and generate a comprehensive report and formal proposal, if requested. The typical turnaround time for reports is one (1) week after the on-site visit has been performed.


Energy Consultants Group offers certified assessments backed by credentials earned and administered through the MREA and NABCEP. The president of Energy Consultants Group also teaches solar technology at the college level. With our years of experience, we can provide the most comprehensive, accurate assessments available.

I’m ready to move forward. What should I do next?

Option 1:

Call or email us and submit a request for a certified site assessment.

Option 2: (Best Option)

Use our Solar Sizing and Cost Calculator and, once complete, email us your report and this will prompt a request.