Roof Solar Panels for Homes & Businesses in Cedar Rapids, IA

A home with a two-car garage has roof mounted solar panels on the garage area.It’s becoming a common sight—solar panels mounted to the roofs of local homes and businesses in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area. You’ve likely wondered if the time is right for you to invest in roof solar panels. It is, but only if you choose the right solar contractor for the project. At Energy Consultants Group, we have been installing Premium Tier-1 roof solar panels on homes in Iowa for over a decade, and have maintained a reputation for providing the best value available on this investment.

Roof Solar Panels from Trusted Brands

Choosing the right solar panels is a critical part of making the most of your investment. Energy Consultants Group makes that easy by installing the best technology from brands our customers know and trust, such as Panasonic. These Premium Tier-1 solar panels belong to a special class, as they provide unparalleled energy production over a longer period than standard systems. And, they are backed by an all-inclusive 25-year warranty covering product, performance, and labor.

Installed to Maximize Return on Investment

Roof solar panels are often the right choice for residences and businesses without the property needed for ground-mounted panels. If planned and installed correctly, roof panels can provide exceptional energy production that dramatically reduces monthly energy costs. Energy Consultants Group will provide a certified property assessment during which we will perform detailed structural and electrical analyses, review your home energy usage, and determine the optimal panel positioning and mounting options.

It’s Time to Go Solar

If you’re ready to have roof solar panels installed on your home or business in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area, contact Energy Consultants Group today to learn how we will maximize your return on investment. Remember to also ask about our convenient residential and commercial solar financing options.