High-Performance Ground-Mounted Solar Panels for Properties in Cedar Rapids & Throughout Iowa

A ground-mounted solar panels system in a field with trees in the background.Many homeowners and business owners in the Cedar Rapids area are more familiar with roof-mounted solar panels than ground-mounted solar panels. However, if you’re considering adding solar technology to your property, ground-mounted panels might be your best option. This is because your solar panel system won’t be restricted by the characteristics of your roof, such as the direction it slopes or its position relative to trees. In fact, for homes and businesses with the property available, ground-mounted solar panels often provide the best return on investment.

Certified Site Assessments with Energy Consultants Group

The best way to determine optimal mounting options for a new solar panel system is to call Energy Consultants Group. We begin each project with a certified site assessment where we consider all of the factors that will impact solar panel performance. For example, we’ll review your current energy usage, perform structural and electrical analyses, and evaluate your property. Rest assured, we’ll determine the best solar panel mounting option and positioning to maximize your return on investment.

Premium Tier-1 Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar technology is just as important as correctly choosing between roof- and ground-mounted solar panels. At Energy Consultants Group, we proudly use the most productive and longest-lasting solar panels available. From trusted brands, such as Panasonic, our solar panels provide maximum energy savings that you can count on for decades. You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your ground-mounted solar panels are backed by an all-inclusive 25-year warranty.

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Energy Consultants Group is rated a #1 Solar Contractor by Solar Reviews as well as a top contractor in the USA since 2013. To learn more about the roof– and ground-mounted solar panel systems we install in Cedar Rapids and across Iowa, contact us today.