How Can You Save With Solar Heating?

Offset Heating from Fossil Fuel Sources

Energy Consultants Group offers solar furnaces to help offset heating from fossil fuel sources. They can be easily integrated into new construction and retrofit in existing applications. Solar furnaces are very simple designs and offer efficient and affordable solutions for heating space. In some cases, these units can be configured so that they draw no energy from the grid.

How Does It Work?

How Does Solar Heating Work DiagramThis type of technology typically requires a vertical surface facing south to be cost-effective. The concept is very much the same as the effect you get when your car is parked in the sun with the windows up: When you open the door, you can feel the heat that has been trapped inside. This technology simply uses a collection plate and solar glazing to capture the solar energy in the form of heat. A fan pulls semi-conditioned cold air from the interior of the structure and pushes through the collector where it gets warmed up, then pumped back into the structure¬†… providing free heat!

More Information

Typical applications are for residential and commercial buildings. They are also great for agricultural projects, such as poultry grow houses and brooder sheds, offsetting up to 40% of LP gas consumption. We offer financing and leasing options for all our products and services.

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