Energy Efficiency

Offering Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Services

Energy-Efficiency.jpgEnergy Consultants Group offers comprehensive services and process to address energy efficiency for all types of structures and customer lifestyles. The first step in renewable energy ownership is addressing energy efficiency.

We have successfully reduced power consumption for our customers by 20 to 35% with little upfront investment. Rebates and other incentives are often available to assist in offsetting upfront cost in these types of projects.

The general rule of thumb: For every dollar you spend on energy efficiency … you save $5 in renewable energy. The less power you consume, the less power you need to produce. These improvements save you money and make the structure more comfortable, quiet, and healthy for you. Plus, it adds value. This approach typically results in favorable feasibility of a renewable system. When overlooked, it makes the upfront investment in renewables cost-prohibitive.

Professional and Experienced

With our professional and experienced approach, we bring solutions to the table. With a wide range of technology, common sense, education, and behavior changes, we can greatly reduce your energy consumption for gas, electricity, and water consumption.

Licensed and Certified

Our licensed and certified energy rater will work with you to discover cost-effective solutions for reducing energy consumption and prime your renewable energy project for financial success. We offer affordable Certified Energy Assessments and Certified Site Assessments for renewable energy projects. We can also offer a bundle discount and your fee can be credited toward your purchase. Contact us today to schedule your Certified Energy Assessment:

Insured and Bonded

Energy Consultants Group is fully insured and bonded for both private and municipal projects. Upon request, we can provide required documentation to meet project requirements. We also carry an Errors and Omissions policy, are licensed in the state of Iowa, and are registered with the Iowa Workforce Development Center and the Secretary of the State of Iowa.