Professional Energy Services in Iowa


Energy Consultants Group is Iowa’s premier solar provider. We guide you through every step of the process — analyzing your site, designing your system, installing your system, and providing maintenance.

Wind Energy

Energy Consultants Group offers complete turnkey, small-wind solutions for home, farm, and business across the state of Iowa. We can offer systems that range from 5kW to 100kW in size. Small wind has many benefits, but requires special provisions and careful economic analysis before committing to a wind project.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Consultants Group offers comprehensive services and process to address energy efficiency for all types of structures and customer lifestyles. The first step in renewable energy ownership is addressing energy efficiency.

Backup Power Solutions

Energy Consultants Group offers a wide selection of Kohler standby generators for backup power solutions. These units can provide critical-loads back-up or power entire structures. We are the only authorized and certified Kohler dealer and service provider in Eastern Iowa.  Our systems can be configured to work in parallel with renewable energy systems and even provide recharging capability to renewable energy battery systems.

Certified Solar PV Site Assessment

Site assessments are a critical part of the design phase which directly affects cost and power output of your future PV System. Our contracts are also dependent on information gathered and extruded from the site assessment to provide you with the highest-performing, lowest-cost energy plant available. Some loan and grant programs may require data that is ascertained from such a report. Some cash rebates are also based on power output on an annual basis. The highest-performing system will ideally decrease your ROI while ensuring maximum cash rebates.