I’m committed. So what’s the next step?

Listed are the typical steps to compete your project. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you along the way. And we handle everything. Steps are listed with typical timelines, but timelines will vary by area, time of year, supply availability, utility company, customer interaction, and AHJ approvals. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. Exploring and learning about solar PV on our website. (Several hours.)
  2. Ordering a Certified Site Assessment and receive your financial and performance analyses report and sales agreement. (One hour for assessment. Allow up to two days for report.)
  3. Securing funding for the project. (From one week to one month for traditional methods. Allow two to five days for ECG Financing Programs.)
  4. Signing the sales agreement and return to Energy Consultants Group. (One day)
  5. Paying first scheduled payment. After first scheduled payment has been received, Energy Consultants Group will place order for all materials to complete the job and schedule the work. (Typically, allow one week to receive all materials for roof mounts and allow up to two weeks for ground mounts, trackers and ballast systems.)
  6. Creating documents and plans. Energy Consultants Group creates the construction documents, plans and specs with bill of materials. (Up to five days)
  7. Submitting plans. Energy Consultants Group submits the plans to the AHJ and utility company to obtain pre-approval on the project scope. (Three days)
  8. Submitting the interconnect agreement. Energy Consultants Group submits the interconnect agreement to the utility company on your behalf, along with supporting documents and insurance. [You will need to submit a copy of your insurance, outlining proof of liability homeowners insurance, to us to include with this agreement. Customer is responsible for said fees.] (Two to four weeks for utility processing)
  9. Pulling required permits. Energy Consultants Group pulls the required permits to the authority having jurisdiction. (One to three days)
  10. Constructing the project. Once Energy Consultants Group has received the conditional interconnection agreement, we can start construction on your renewable energy project.(Duration ranges from a few days to several weeks, depending on size, complexity, and weather conditions.)
  11. Pre-commissioning and paying second scheduled payment. Pre-commissioning of your system will be completed. We test and verify that the system is operating within its design parameters and meets code and safety regulations along with passed inspection. (One day)
  12. Requesting final inspection. Energy Consultants Group requests authority having jurisdiction to perform the final inspection. (Three days’ lead time to perform inspection. Three more days to receive final report.)
  13. Submitting final inspection report. Once Energy Consultants Group has received the final inspection report, we will submit to utility company for final approval to operate your plant. Sometimes the utility company will require an inspection from their field engineers. Utility company will install new meter at no cost to you. (Typically three weeks, but can be longer)
  14. Paying of final payment. Final payment is due upon receiving authorization to energize plant from the utility company. You are now generating renewable energy! Welcome to the exclusive world club of energy independence!
  15. Providing you with off-site training. Energy Consultants Group will provide you with off-site training in accessing power plant monitoring, understanding general maintenance and operational requirements.  We will also: provide close-out documents; assist in filing the required paperwork to secure your tax credits; and provide any close out documents for funding or grant programs by email.

The sequence is very crucial in the process to ensure successful deployment of renewable energy. Energy Consultants Group will guide you every step of the way. The typical turnkey process is 45 to 60 days. Go Solar!