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Solar Battery Cedar Rapids IAAs the first in Iowa to achieve this credential, the NABCEP PV Inspectors Certification primarily intended for individuals performing system inspections for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s), utilities, incentive programs, investors, and others performing quality assurance of PV and Solar Heating systems, and code compliance. You can rest assure that Energy Consultants Group will provide high quality, comprehensive O&M services for your solar power plant, ensuing decades of trouble free, productive energy.

Our service plan keeps your equipment efficient & profitable with ongoing inspections and annual care. Energy Consultants Group recommends an annual preventive and equipment maintenance service plan that includes inspections, monitoring/reporting, system repairs, spare parts handling and warranty administration. This plan also includes cleaning modules, modules that are not contact cleaned at least twice a year can reduce power production up to 15%. Each of these activities are summarized below.

Annual Maintenance Services

Solar PV Module Inspection
  • Inspect for cracks or damage to panel, wiring or frame
  • Inspect for dirt, environmental debris, vegetation, or other shading
Solar PV Module Inspection
  • Inspect for damaged connectors, loose wires, retaining devices and grounding issues
  • IV Curve testing as necessary based on monitoring alerts or site conditions
DC Electrical Inspection
  • Inspect DC homeruns for damaged/loose wires, debris and conduit issues
  • Inspect combiner boxes, verify disconnect & validate latch integrity
Inverter Inspection & Maintenance
  • Inspect inverter(s) for corrosion, ventilation, damage & seals
  • Inspect all incoming and outgoing DC, AC, or data wires for wear or damage
  • Complete manufacture recommended annual maintenance activities
Racking & Mounting Inspection
  • Inspect mounting system for damage, corrosion and loose connectors
Solar PV Module Inspection
  • Inspect disconnect latches and seals, validate disconnect functionality
AC Electrical Inspection
  • Inspect AC electrical from the inverter, through the disconnects & into the transformer
    or building electrical system for damage, wear and functionality
Module Cleaning
  • Clean modules by approved method and cleaning solution 1x per year
Monitoring Inspection
  • Inspect existing monitoring systems for functionality as applicable and per manufacturing
    guidelines (includes inverter level)

Ongoing Services

Monitoring Inspection
  • Inspect existing monitoring systems for functionality as applicable and per manufacturing
    guidelines (includes inverter level)

As Needed Maintenance Services

System Repair & Spare Parts Handling
  • Report, diagnose event & provide estimate for repair or replacement
  • Replace fuses, terminal box, solar panel, inverter or other major component repair
    replacement including disconnects, combiner boxes, etc.
  • Resolve single wire issues between module and combiner box
  • Resolve ground wiring issues & ground faults
Warranty Administration
  • Administer all defective components and file warranty claims. In the event that a component
    is under warranty, charges will apply to manufacture. Any uncovered labor or parts will be billed as specified
    in this agreement.


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