Tier-1 Commercial Solar Panels for Businesses in Des Moines, IA

Commercial Solar Panels Des Moines IAFor more than a decade, Energy Consultants Group has been Iowa’s premier solar provider, trusted by homeowners and business owners to provide the industry’s best service and solar technology. In Des Moines, Iowa, we have earned a reputation among businesses for providing an exceptional return on investment for commercial solar panels, and we would be glad to do the same for you.

The Difference Top-of-the-Line Solar Panels Make

At Energy Consultants Group, we understand that installing commercial solar panels is a major investment. You want to ensure the solar panels installed on your building will provide lasting performance and exceptional energy production. To achieve this, we install the industry’s most productive solar technology from highly regarded names, including LG and Panasonic, that are:

  • More efficient than competing models, providing better energy output over a longer period of time
  • Rapid shutdown compliant and safe in terms of voltage and operation
  • Available in ground- and roof-mounted applications to suit any property
  • Fully integrated at the factory to ensure a seamless solar panel installation
  • Guaranteed with a 25-year, all-inclusive warranty

Installed With Precision

Every commercial solar panel project that Energy Consultants Group takes on begins with a certified property assessment. This in-depth process allows our solar experts to determine the most efficient way to meet your business’ energy goals. Whether you are looking to have solar panels installed on a farm, factory, government building, educational institution, or any other commercial property, you can be sure that we’ll develop a tailored plan and expert installation that maximizes energy production.

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If you’re ready to have commercial solar panels installed on your property in Des Moines, IA, contact Energy Consultants Group today.