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Energy Consultants Group offers a wide selection of our premiere lineup of Kohler standby generators. These units can provide critical loads backup or power entire structures and properties. We are the only Authorized and Certified Kohler dealer and service provider in Eastern Iowa. Our systems can be configured to work in parallel with renewable energy systems and even provide recharging capability to renewable energy battery systems.

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Prepare Your Home or Business in Cedar Rapids, IA, for a Power Outage by Having a Standby Generator Installed

Power failures are a common occurrence. Fortunately, most are brief; however, you never know when an extended outage can occur, leaving you for hours or even days without the use of your HVAC system, lights, and other critical components of your home or business. It’s best to have a plan in place for such occasions. And, at Energy Consultants Group, that’s exactly what we do for our clients in Cedar Rapids and throughout Iowa. With one of our top-of-the-line standby generator systems, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to maintain power to your property.

Why Choose a Standby Generator from Energy Consultants Group?

When it comes to backup power systems, no feature is more important than reliability. At Energy Consultants Group, we’re proud to install only top-of-the-line backup power systems from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Kohler. These backup generators lead the industry in terms of long-lasting performance and warranties. Plus, they are available with advanced features, such as automatic transfer switches to ensure a seamless transition to generator power and remote monitoring that allows any problems to be caught and fixed before an outage occurs.

What’s more, our standby generators are available in a wide range of capacities to suit your specific power needs. Whether you’d simply like to ensure you can always maintain power to your lights and HVAC system or your entire home or business, we have the solution.

In addition to providing premium generators, Energy Consultants Group offers precise installations from experienced and trained professionals. In fact, we are the only authorized and certified dealer for Kohler in eastern Iowa, which speaks to our exceptional level of expertise. And, as Iowa’s premier solar provider, we can configure standby generators to work seamlessly with renewable power systems and to even recharge renewable energy battery systems.

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To learn more about the benefits of having Energy Consultants Group install a standby generator at your home or business in Cedar Rapids, or another area in eastern Iowa, contact us today.

“We purchased a Kohler generator and solar panels from Energy Consultants Group and were very satisfied with the work. The electricians they used were very good. We have only had the power go off once, but the generator turned on so quick, we hardly realized the power was off.”

– Ray Heeren

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