Financing A Solar Power System in Iowa

Energy Consultants Group offers many solar financing options to fit your financial goals. Financing a solar project is a major step and requires full consideration and analysis to discover the best long-term way to subsidize a project. Many of the methods listed here can be used to pay for all of our services and products. We can structure payments based on desired term or payment amount. A common method is structuring a payment to equal or less than what you are paying on average per month for the utility cost. All financing options are exclusive to our customers and Energy Consultants Group.


Cash is certainly the fastest and most economical way to finance any project. With our impressive rate of return, you will find comfort in investing your money in technology with a guaranteed return that is often higher than any financial-based investment on the market place. Typical solar paybacks with cash are 5 to 9 years, however loans provide paybacks in month 1 and tie up none of your capital. You will still be entitled to your incentives and depreciation for all our loan programs.

Residential Loans

We can offer conventional Solar loans with several nationwide and local partners providing financing on our renewable energy projects. Some limitations apply and, of course, are subject to credit approval. Terms vary. Interested in financing? Please contact us today and we can start the process to renewable energy ownership. Click on the logos below or email to apply.

Home Loan Investment Bank

Refinance or Second Mortgage

Home Loan Investment Bank


Consider talking to your bank about refinancing your home or doing a second mortgage. This could be a good time to get a lower interest rate and do whatever other projects you have been meaning to get to over the years. If energy efficiency upgrades are needed, then financing these upgrades and the renewable project are often cost effective. Click the logo above or email to inquire.

Commercial, Government and Municipal Loans



We can offer conventional Solar loans with several nationwide and local partners providing financing on our renewable energy projects. Some limitations apply and, of course, are subject to credit approval. Terms vary. Interested in financing? Please contact us today and we can start the process to renewable energy ownership. Click on the logos above to apply, email, or click on the green Learn More Button on the right.

Commercial, Government and Municipal Lease



We offer exclusive Solar leasing for commercial, non-profit, municipalities, and agricultural clients. Terms can be customized to suit your financial goals. These programs are designed to finance 100%, with no money down and no buy-out fees. You own the equipment upfront and receive all the tax incentives. For non-tax paying parties, we have solutions for financing your project with our investors taking the incentives and lowering your upfront investment. Click on the logos above to apply, email

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) *NEW*

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a long term agreement where the business or organization agrees to purchase all of the electricity generated by a solar system at a contracted rate. The PPA provider installs, maintains, and operates the solar system – the commercial entity only pays for the power that is generated. In an optimal situation, the electric rate will be a little lower than what is charged by the current utility company.

A Solar PPA can be a low risk option to finance a system and due to some vagaries in the Tax Code, the ONLY way for a non-profit or governmental entity to receive an indirect advantage from the tax benefits for solar PV. For commercial businesses looking for the highest possible return on investment, one of the other previously mentioned options is often a better choice as the system is paid off sooner. Also, due to the complexities and ongoing monitoring involved, most PPA funders will only consider projects that cost at least $300,000 but we also have options for projects smaller than this. Click Here for more information on PPA's.

Typical Features of Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs):

  • Power Purchase Agreements require no upfront investment or maintenance costs.
  • Proposals vary based on the underlying economics, but typically the contract lasts for 15 to 20 years and may have up to a 3% annual rate increase escalator.
  • At the end of the contract, a new PPA can be negotiated or the system purchased.

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Grants are funds that you receive to fund a part or all of your solar project that doesn't have to be paid back. There are many opportunities for a various number of solar grants for different size projects and project types. Our expert grant writer can find and obtain valuable funding to help offset capital cost for solar projects. Currently no grants are available for residential projects, only for business, farms, non-profits and municipal projects. *Some restriction apply. Click the logos above or email to inquire.

Iowa Area Development Group (IADG)

IADG-Logo.jpg The Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) offers Iowa businesses and industries a low interest financing option (1%) for energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy projects and energy management and implementation plans. The establishment of the IADG Energy Bank Revolving Loan Fund is intended to provide an ongoing source of low interest financing for the implementation of cost effective projects that will save energy and money, improve facilities and processes, and enhance job creation and profitability.

Eligible applicants to the loan program are private sector business and industries including:

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Service

USDA Funding

USDA Logo REAP offers grants and/or loan guarantees for the purchase and installation of renewable energy generating systems. Assistance is limited to small businesses, farmers, and ranchers. Projects must be located in a rural area. REAP grants and guarantees may be used individually or in combination. Together, they may finance up to 75% of a project's total cost. Grants can never finance more than 25% of a project, or $500,000 — whichever is less. The REAP program also supports energy efficiency projects.

For more information, guidelines, and an application, please visit: USDA Rural Development. If you need help with this process, please contact the USDA directly.


Products & Services

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Find Out How Much Money You Can Earn By Going Solar

The following link will allow you to discover what is possible with the savings from solar. So once you have solar and you are no longer paying it to the utility company, should it be tucked away in the mattress or a low yielding savings account? Or would it make since to invest it? Simply enter your starting balance, typically the first savings, then enter the return, typically 10 to 12%. Your monthly contribution should be your average monthly amount paid to utility company. Years to contribute should be 25 to 30 years, the typical warranty period of the solar, however keep in mind that this is not the life cycle of the modules, they will last much longer. Then click “show results” and be amazed on how you can empower yourself with solar!

Solar Savings Calculator


Energy Consultants Group Solar Referral Program


Share the benefits of clean energy through our Solar Referral Program.

When you refer Energy Consultants Group solar services to a friend, family member or any other acquaintance that purchases a photovoltaic (PV) system from us, we’d like to show you our appreciation.

How it Works

Tell your friends, family and associates about Energy Consultants Group Solar Services. If they express interest, provide us with their contact information, and our team of solar experts will be in touch to set up a free, no-pressure consultation. If your referral decides that Energy Consultants Group solar solutions are a good fit for them, you will receive a referral fee according to the system size when they sign a contract.

About Our Solar

Referral Program

  • You don’t need to be an existing Energy Consultants Group customer to earn referrals.
  • You can refer as many friends and associates as you’d like, there’s no limit.
  • You will receive the referral reward regardless of which financing option the referral chooses.
  • We’re happy to make any of our brochures and other marketing materials available to you in hard copy or PDF formats.
  • We’re passionate about what we do and genuinely care about our customer’s experience. Our company is committed to providing forward-thinking solar solutions, outstanding service, and the highest quality of construction available in the solar industry today. When you refer Energy Consultants Group, you can be assured that we will take great care of your friends, family, and associates.


$500 for systems between 5kw & 25kw
$1,000 for systems between 26kw & 50kw
$1,500 for systems between 51kw to 100kw




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